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Ebax Keycode™ mobile code solution for managing digital information related to products, services and methods. The service utilizes the standard QR and NFC codes. Ebax Keycode contains a unique identifier that allows the user to connect physical or digital objects to Internet data resources.

Mobile codes are an inexpensive and easy way to connect digital information to different targets!

Increase sales by offering a cost-effective sales and marketing channel!

Improve operational quality by managing digital information more effectively!

Reduce costs by providing information in a digital format!

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Ebax Keycode is composed of a QR code and a shortened URL address. A Keycode may also be an NFC tag, in which information is stored as a Keycode format URL.


Application areas

In any application area, regardless of the mobile codes, the basic idea is to connect physical objects to Internet services (Internet of Things, IoT).

Mobile codes are used, for example in the following branches:

  • Trade, advertising and marketing
  • Industry, Service and Maintenance
  • Training and education
  • Travel and tourism
  • Hotel and Restaurant services
  • Energy, waste management and recycling
  • Museums, exhibitions and public events
  • Libraries
  • Graphic industry and publishing

The service can be utilized not only in a wide range of application areas, but also for many different purposes. Typical application areas are product data management, promotion and marketing.



Ebax Keycode mobilecode management solution

Creating and managing single mobile codes is easy but a larger number of codes makes management more difficult.

Ebax Keycode mobile code management service offers a wide range of solutions for generating and managing mobile codes.

The service allows for easy management of large numbers of codes. Where appropriate, a code-specific follow-up functionality can be connected to a code so as to allow the administrator to monitor where the code is located and how much it is read.

The codes can be managed in groups. Administrators can easily change the content of all codes.

Redirecting service allows the contents provided by the mobile code to be changed afterwards.

Keycode management interface


Benefits and properties

Mobile Codes

Keycode supports both QR and NFC use of codes. The codes can be dynamic or static and can be processed individually or in groups.

Mobile Codes provide a user-friendly information channel.

Monitoring Access

All mobile code reading events can be viewed using a number of different criteria (time, device, location and intended use).

Optimize the use of resources in areas where effectiveness and efficiency is analyzed and proved.


Keycode offers mobile code redirection, which allows the code shown on the contents of the address can be changed afterwards.

Ready-made mobilecodes are controllable at all times.

Account Management

Create users and user groups, and grant different access rights to the service. Keycode allows you to control the sharing of information and services.

Keycode offers a flexible channel for contacting and communicating between different stakeholders.

Statistics and Reports

The service provides statistics and reports on the use of mobile codes.

Develop your operations and improve your support for evaluation and decision-making.


Ebax also offers wide-ranging in-depth analyzes and summaries of mobile codes for use in different functions and industries.

Output and Printing

Managed service for mobile codes, it is possible to print the customer's own printing solutions.

Print as an image format may be a bitmap or scalable vector graphics.

Printed matter

We offer pre-printed print products that can be connected directly to the mobilecodes.

The finished printed tags facilitate the implementation of the service.

API services

Advanced and general interface to external services. With API various information systems can be integrated into keycode service.

API allow you to automate operations as well as to transfer the desired information between different information systems.


Printed materials and tags

Ebax Keycode mobile codes can be connected to finished "ready-to-use" printed products, that can then be directly attached to the desired destinations.

Ready-made printing easier and faster production and deployment of various services.

Connected to the same tag hybric-code offers a solution to both QR and NFC use codes.

Keycode offers different sizes of codes and also supports scalable vector graphics.

The codes can be printed on paper, labels, fabrics, tables, and other materials.

The codes can be identified or they can be produced in batches.

Industrially produced print products are available in several different formats, by the piece, in sheets and rolls. To printed products it is possible to paste text, symbols and logos on them.

Keycode tags


Maintenance and Customer Support

We will respond 100% to develop technical system. Customers have the opportunity to get the service completely on a 24/7 basis. Support is mainly provided through e-mails.

Service includes account-specific user interface and monitoring reports for utilization and operation of the service can be monitored.

If necessary we can specify and train our clients in using their chosen solution as well as take care of the maintenance.

Training and consulting services

We do surveys and studies on how mobile codes are suited for different uses and different application areas.

We train and consult in all matters related to the use of the service. Guidelines and instructions for the service can be found in e-learning and support materials.

We can organize training sessions online, offer videoconferences, webinars, etc.


Interface services and customization work

Ebax Keycode service information may be connected to third party systems. The level of integration can be increased with general interfaces (Keycode Pro and Keycode Enterprise Services).

Customizing existing services and production of new services are essential parts of Ebax Keycode service repertoire.

"Our goal is to build a comprehensive mobilecode solutions for our customers. QR codes are the starting point and the basis but usually not as such sufficient to provide a high quality service solutions."

Ebax Oy, Tuomo Paakkanen (CEO)

We also carry out support operations for the use of mobilecode service solutions such as responsive web sites.

Mobile page example

Mobile page example

Mobile page example


Prices Mobile code management service

100 €/month
250 €/month
500 €/month
Dynamic codes 5
Static codes (raw QR code) 5
Unlimited use
Output png/svg png/svg png/svg png/svg
Statistics and reports
Groups (multiuser support)
Customer customizations
Analyses and businessdata
Keycode Database
Email support
Phone support
Mobile pages Optional Optional Optional


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