Ebax Keycode

Ebax Keycode is a fully hosted and completely managed mobile code management solution with advanced properities. With Ebax Keycode anyone can easily produce and manage mobile codes. Keycode platform is one of the most innovative and cost efficient solutions available.

Ebax Keycode is service managing a unique identification access codes for the digital or non digital objects. Information resource linked to the code is fully controllable (public or non-public use). Build a link to your digital content.

Ebax Keycode can be used with standard code systems like QR- and NFC codes.


Keycode offers free and premium plans to suit everyones needs. If you want to create a free mobile code or test the service register for free Ebax Keycode account.

  Free Basic Pro Enterprise
Create and manage keycodes
Unlimited usage
Unlimited event log
Mobile pages
Data-target (raw QR code)
Groups (multi-user access)
Price Ask Ask Ask


Contact us and we will arrange a meeting where we can discuss your needs and the best solution for your organization.

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Ebax Keycode is complete solution for producing and managing mobile codes. Ebax Keycode offer flexible control of how you communicate with customers. Link any physical target to the digital information. There are no limits on scans.

Keep your mobile codes organized
Traditonally it is easy to produce mobile codes with QR generators. QR generators are the good way to produce a few codes but if producing consist more and more codes the problems exits - there isn’t support for code management
Dynamic and Unique Codes
All the codes can be unique. Same target can have many codes which offer new possibilities to manage and tracking codes. Download your QR codes in standard PNG format. You can also set the QR codes size.
Ebax Keycode converts your web addresses to have a shorter URL and with a short domain name. Redirect the code to a new URL at any-time - the same code can be used for different purposes after it has been printed. With redirecting it is possible to recycle old mobile codes.
Code reporting and analytics
Keycode offers you detailed tracking information and statistics on all of your mobile codes. Get comprehensive QR code scans tracking for all created codes. Keycode log details scans by date and device.
Create groups inside your Ebax Keycode account, and give access to code management to other people and stakeholders in your organization.
Integrate and develop
With advanced Keycode API solution external services can be integrated to Keycode mobile code service. Powerful API lets you make calls from you app, automate generation of Keycodes, get detailed scan statistics, manage existing codes and more.
Printed materials
Use our ready to use printed QR and NFC tags or customize your tags. Add add text, symbols, logo or brand colors. Ready to use tags are available in many symbol- and size options.
Ebax Keycode